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Aruba NetInsight
AI-powered analytics and assurance

Aruba NetInsight

Aruba Networks Products
Aruba NetInsight
Aruba NetInsight 1-year Subscription
Aruba NetInsight 1-year Subscription per 1 Network Device
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Powered by machine learning and Aruba's deep wireless expertise, Aruba NetInsight uses network analytics to diagnose issues before they're reported and optimizes performance to assure the best user experience possible.

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Resolve issues before they disrupt your business.

Traditional monitoring tools are mostly reactive, with little ability to provide a dynamic view of mobile user behavior, device connections and the effect apps have on the network. What if there was a better way to deliver a better user experience?

Improve network performance with actionable insights you can trust.

NetInsight automatically benchmarks your network against similar peer networks to identify positive and negative performance and connectivity patterns - even ones that support multiple location or remote offices.

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A data-driven approach to optimizing network performance.

NetInsight uses patented machine learning algorithms to detect problems. It automatically eliminates false positives when the network is not performing as expected - even hard to find issues. Prescriptive recommendations pinpoint what needs to change.

Ensure your network runs at its best.

Improve Wi-Fi performance, even as the number of users and IoT devices increases, or when their behavior and traffic loads change. NetInsight automatically benchmarks your network and lets you see how well it compares to similar networks.

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AI-powered analytics for a smarter network.

With data-driven insights, organizations can continuously improve network performance by proactively identifying and preempting issues before users and your business are impacted.

How NetInsight Works

Data feeds from multiple sources including your Aruba wireless infrastructure, DHCP and authentication servers are gathered via a data collector that is deployed onsite in your data center.

The data is then compressed and sent via a secure tunnel to the NetInsight cloud instance.

NetInsight is then able to analyze network connectivity and performance issues by leveraging machine learningbased models, Aruba's Wi-Fi expertise, and the latest cloud technologies.

A web-based dashboard allows network admins to view insights along with root causes, and more importantly, provides recommendations to fix immediate and foreseeable network performance issues. When enabled, NetInsight will provide closed-loop operation to automatically implement recommendations and report changes.

  • Prescriptive recommendations to optimize Wi-Fi performance and application assurance
  • Network baseline with insights from Wi-Fi, authentication and DHCP data resources
  • Real-time network anomaly detection
  • Impact validation for tracking effect of network changes
  • Closed-loop operation for continuous self-optimization
  • Visualization of user mobility for network and resource planning
  • Green AP mode for machine learning-based power savings
  • Helpdesk dashboard for accelerated troubleshooting
  • Cloud sourcing for cross-organization comparisons
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Key Capabilities:

Wi-Fi Benchmarking

  • Proactively optimize network performance with:
    • Automatic classification of individual APs based on environmental measures such as radio propagation, AP arrangement, user behavior and traffic characteristics
    • Anonymous benchmarking based on comparative learnings against similar networks
    • Recommendations and automatic implementation for closed-loop self-optimization configuration tuning
  • Impact Validation

    • Measure the outcome of changes on the network based on key performance indicators with before and after comparisons for monitoring the outcome of a change to validate it has improved performance.

    Real-time Anomaly Detection

  • Easily detect network performance deviations that can be extremely difficult to identify manually, but can be early indicators of bigger problems:
    • Baseline models of "normal" using machine learning attributes of tracked metrics
    • Automatic monitoring of inconsistent device and radio performance trends
    • Intelligent clustering of data to focus on anomalies that will actually degrade user experience
  • User Connectivity Insights

  • Focus on what is truly impacting users with:
    • Real-time monitoring of authentication, DHCP and Wi-Fi connectivity failures
    • Automatic elimination of false positives to discount irrelevant failures
    • Insight-driven root cause analysis and recommendations to fix problems proactively
  • Power Saving with Green AP mode

  • Machine learning-based AP power management for:
    • Real-time AP power management and operational savings
    • Automatic power down/up based on demand trends Compliance with corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Specifications:

  • NetInsight Solution Components
    • Cloud-based Interface
    • Data Collector - 1U Server (HPDL360) running CentOS7
  • Data Sources
    • Aruba Mobility Controllers - version 6.4.x and higher
    • Aruba ClearPass - version 6.6 and higher
    • Aruba AirWave - version 8.2 and higher
    • DHCP - Infoblox, ISC, BlueCat
  • Network Protocols
    • AMON - Aruba Controllers
    • Syslog - Aruba ClearPass, DHCP & DNS
    • XML - Aruba AirWave
  • Security
    • IPSec tunnel to secure traffic between the data collector and NetInsight instance in the cloud
  • Green AP
    • AOS 8.4 minimum
    • Aruba 500-series 802.11ax Controller-base APs
  • Closed-loop Optimization
    • Requires Mobility Master
  • Documentation:

    Aruba NetInsight Datasheet (.PDF)

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    Pricing Notes:

    Aruba Networks Products
    Aruba NetInsight
    Aruba NetInsight 1-year Subscription
    Aruba NetInsight 1-year Subscription per 1 Network Device
    Our Price: Request a Quote