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Small and Midsize Business Solutions
The smartest mobile-first investment for small and midsize businesses

Empower your business

Today's business runs on mobile and cloud apps and Aruba has the backbone to support them. Everyone gets a reliable Wi-Fi connection to stay productive, while you reduce downtime, cut IT costs, and strengthen security as your business grows.

Built for the way you work

Business constantly changes. So why lock your investment in a static network architecture? Aruba gives you the flexibility to design your network to fit your specific business needs. And you can manage everything in the cloud or onsite.

Futureproof your wired infrastructure for years to come

With wireless networks hitting gigabit speeds, your switches need to keep up with the performance needs of new devices and applications. Aruba offers a range of switches - from convenient, cost-effective basic Layer 3 switches to the highest performance switches that can raise data rates to 10Gbps - so your wired infrastructure fits the needs of your business.

Build a mobile-first foundation

Designed for smaller organizations dealing with increasing mobile demands, Aruba Instant Wi-Fi combines superior performance, business-grade security, and the simplicity of Zero Touch Deployment.

Schools and Classrooms
Schools and Classrooms
Retail Stores
Retail Stores
Healthcare Clinics
Healthcare Clinics
Business Offices
Business Offices

Schools and Classrooms:

Schools and ClassroomsSolutions for Education

The future is brighter in ultra-modern classrooms that are built for digital learning. We make it possible with fast, dependable Wi-Fi access for every teacher, student and classroom device.

Smartest Wi-Fi on the planet

With Aruba, you can create an inspiring and impactful classroom Wi-Fi experience with rich instructional videos and compelling interactive learning. You can block inappropriate content while prioritizing online testing, standards-based curriculum and other critical learning applications.

Take control in classroom

With zero-touch provisioning, plug-and-play deployment and cloud management, our Wi-Fi networks practically run themselves. And instead of leasing expensive private networks, you can use standard broadband and save up to 60% in capex and 75% in opex.

Put students first

Our Wi-Fi integrates content filtering capabilities that prevent students from stumbling upon unauthorised or inappropriate web sites. By ensuring safe web browsing in classrooms and on campus, you'll protect students and keep your school policy-compliant.

Wi-Fi that's easy on IT

Aruba classroom Wi-Fi is up and running in minutes. It requires no complex technical configuration, despite its feature-rich enterprise-class design. We didn't cut corners on performance and reliability, either. And that means fewer calls to the IT helpdesk.

Retail Stores:

Retail StoresSolutions for Retailers

Our ultra-reliable Wi-Fi solutions mobilize every aspect of your retail business, strengthen your point-of-purchase influence and let you engage in-store customers so they keep coming back.

Make the sales-floor smarter

Leverage contextual data from your Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide more responsive in-store customer service wherever it's needed. And sales associates who work wirelessly can securely use point-of-sale and inventory apps on any mobile device anywhere in the store.

Privacy and strong security

Our Wi-Fi is one of the toughest, most secure PCI-compliant networks in the business. Built-in data encryption, Policy Enforcement FirewallTM, and wireless intrusion protection let you process retail transactions securely and confidently. No extra hardware is required.

Connect with your customers

Engage in-store shoppers with Wi-Fi while they're in a buying mood. They can login from a branded web page that has your latest in-store promotions and offers. Role-based traffic separation lets shoppers and employees share the same Wi-Fi without compromising security.

All-in-one enterprise Wi-Fi

IT can't be everywhere all the time. So we designed our Wi-Fi solution to be provisioned from the cloud with zero touch. When it arrives at the store, just take it out of the box and plug it in. Then you can manage any number of store Wi-Fi networks from the cloud.

Healthcare Clinics:

Healthcare ClinicsSolutions for Healthcare

To meet the growing demand for personalized healthcare, Wi-Fi has become the foundation for a more meaningful and positive experience that providers and their patients can rely on.

Wi-Fi at the point of care

Our next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi offers gigabit-speed and always-on access you can count on. Whether you're in an office or at the point of patient care, Aruba Wi-Fi ensures that critical healthcare devices and apps always get priority treatment.

Ensure privacy and compliance

We let you focus more on patient care and worry less about compliance. Our Wi-Fi integrates a Policy Enforcement FirewallTM and wireless intrusion protection to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and ISO-IEC 27002 and other patient-privacy mandates.

You can be your own IT hero

Unlike your clinical practice, our Wi-Fi practically runs itself. Zero-touch provisioning, plug-and-play installation and cloud management get your network up and running in minutes and keeps going long after you've seen your last patient of the day.

Secure BYOD and guest Wi-Fi

Clinicians are always connected to work using their favorite Wi-Fi enabled devices. And your patients can stay wirelessly connected to family and friends without compromising the performance or security of critical-care apps that share the same network.

Business Offices:

Business OfficesSolutions for Business Offices

Our fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi gives everyone in the office the speed they need to get the job done. You'll significantly reduce network downtime and scale effortlessly as your business grows.

We've got your Wi-Fi covered

Our Wi-Fi solution offers strong security in the office and everywhere users and mobile devices connect. Fully integrated data encryption, Policy Enforcement FirewallTM, and wireless intrusion protection enable everyone in the office to work securely and confidently.

Always on, always available

It doesn't matter how big or small your office might be. With Aruba, everyone gets a consistent, reliable, gigabit Wi-Fi connection to business-critical apps and data - safely and securely. It's simple, too. Just connect, authenticate and get down to business.

Collaborate with other offices

Aruba Wi-Fi is optimized to provide the highest-quality voice and video experience. So employees who use Microsoft Skype, Apple FaceTime or Facebook Messenger can collaborate with anyone, anywhere, without delays, jitter or dropped connections.

Cut costs, not performance

With zero-touch provisioning, plug-and-play deployment and cloud management, our Wi-Fi networks practically run themselves. And instead of leasing expensive private networks, you can use standard broadband and save up to 60% in capex and 75% in opex.