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Aruba Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)
Automated troubleshooting and insights for improved network performance and IT efficiency.

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Aruba products that give you an AIOps edge

IT's biggest operations challenges

Maintaining a network from home is the new IT model, so automation is the only answer. Aruba can help:

  • Identify network, security and application performance issues before they affect your users and business.

  • Eliminate much of the manual troubleshooting tasks that keep your IT team buried in busy work.

  • Provide optimization tips as your network experiences changes, like an increase in IoT or more apps like Zoom or Teams.

The keys to Aruba AIOps in 4 easy steps!

We automatically pull telemetry from each of your Wi-Fi, wired, SD-WAN gateways, and user devices to build SLE baselines - no set-up required.

Automated AI Insights let you know when your network, devices or sites are experiencing issues - before there's an impact.

Recommendations that deliver a 15% or greater improvement based on how your network is performing against like sites.

Configuration changes are only provided if we know we're delivering a 15% or greater improvement based on how your network is performing against like sites.

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Using AI to solve user problems

See how Aruba addresses challenges across a variety of use cases.

Handling passerby traffic interference

Tips for solving Wi-Fi performance issues due to people (and their mobile devices) outside of your space who are inadvertently connecting to your network.


Problem sites solved

How using AIOps in Aruba Central for the cloud averse helps solve potential network problems in a targeted location or site.


Fixing network performance issues

Always-on performance tips that continuously help you deliver the best user experience possible, for networks of any size.


Monitoring app performance made easier

Machine learning makes its way into Aruba User Experience Insight for faster detection of issues before users are impacted.


Solving PoE issues on switches

Using AI to spot under-budgeted switches that can cause client and IoT issues.


Fixing network issues automatically

Self-healing Insights make it easy to resolve problems without IT being actively involved or onsite.


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